Are you ready TO GROW, DREAM BIGGER, and SELL MORE ... IRRESISTIBLY in 2021 ?

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Turn Up The Profit On Your Expertise!

If that's you ... and you know it in your core ... and you're ready to break the invisible barriers that keep you stuck ... we'll work until you become a black belt in sales that doesn't feel like sales. You'll  master all the elements of the IRRESISTIBLE SALE FRAMEWORK and Sell More - Stress Free.

>>>>> Erica’s mentoring is an experience you can’t get anywhere else. 
You're getting personal, live weekly coaching. 
The Sell Irresistibly Dojo isn't a course of videos. 
It's a community of connection and real-time learning.
Everyone who works with Erica has Fun while actually Selling! <<<<<<

Erica Martins Sell Irresistibly Dojo

Yes, you get to work with Erica in person and meet other AMAZING women who are ready to claim their irresistible power to transform lives and create a thriving business.  

High-Ticket Sales Training?

It's the Closest Thing to 
With Less Risk and More Confidence. 

If You're Ready to Turn Your Up Your Profits - This is Your Opportunity Gain
 Better Clients, an More Sales with Effortless Ease.


we’ll focus on these 11 simple but powerful change makers 
that make sales become effortless. 

You'll Become a Black Belt in Selling With Ease, Attracting Clients That Value Your Work, 
 And Creating Irresistible Offers That Sell Themselves.

HEADS UP: This training isn't for people who want to hide. We dive in to win with an 8 Week Sales Challenge. 
 You'll learn,  you'll get incredible support, and you'll start selling 2021 with Winning Momentum.   

  Understand Your Numbers — Plug Profit Leaks 

  Decrease Your No-Show Rate, Increase Conversion

  Pointpoint Right Person, Right Message Alignment 

  Upgrade Your Irresistible Offer

 Practice the Dream Client Attraction Framework

  Set Expectations That Remove Resistance

  Stop Wasting Your Time with Unqualified Prospects

  Ask Power Questions That Convert Effortlessly

  Customize Your Sales Call Strategy 

  "Flip" Objections into Converting Conversations

  Learn the Secret to the Effortless Yes: Clients Who Close Themselves

P.S. Last month this is what happened in our Sell Irresistibly Group.
  • Sarah sold a new $18K package within 2.5 hours of creating it
  • Mark created a new offer and sold 2 of them at $1500
  • Kate made $10K in a day with her new offer

It's Really Simple — Irresistible Sales Comes Down to the Alignment of These 3 Things:

Clarity, Confidence, and Impact.

If You’re Not Slear, You Can’t Radiate Confidence …
If You’re Not Radiating Confidence, You Can’t Make Impact …
AND You Won’t Align With Your Perfect People.  


It's Mind Blowing How Fast Can Your Revenue GROW 
When you ALIGN Your vision, You Skills and Natural gifts.  

Some Client’s Double Sales in a Week or 10x SALES IN JUST 6 MONTHS!

Just a Few Small LEVELING UP Tweaks is All It Takes to Burst Barriers and BRING YOUR BEST BEST CLIENTS TO YOU
But Do You Know Which Tweaks You Need to Make?

Don’t Wait, Hustle, And Grind  — Just to End Up Tired & Feeling Defeated...

It’s Time to Build Momentum, Attract Clients, and Breakthrough Profit Barriers Without Stress.

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